Everyone has a story to tell...the question is: how do you tell it? Bringing a lifetime of memories together in a structured way is a bit like tackling a jigsaw puzzle - where do you start?! 

I am a former BBC journalist and writer with over 30 years of experience. I interview you and put your words into a book, together with your favourite photos - a unique gift for your family and something which you can cherish forever. And, because it is YOUR story, you decide what to say and it is YOUR voice speaking from the page.

A unique gift...

You can commission an autobiography or Memory Map to be written about a family member or friend - a unique gift, possibly to mark a special birthday, anniversary, or retirement. Your life story would also make a lovely christening gift for your baby, grandchild or godchild. Why not join together with other family members to make this dream come true for a loved one? Just as it has already come true for the families on the testimonials page. 


Is your club or organisation celebrating a landmark anniversary? A book or Memory Map about its history would be a great way to mark it. 

Life stories: Because the book is tailored just for you, there is quite a bit of flexibility involved - but here's a guide for you. The book size is generally A5, either paperback or hardback - it's your choice. Turnaround time depends on the length of the book, but I aim for eight to 12 weeks. The full audio interview is also provided as part of the package, together with a digital copy of all the material in the book, including the photos and completed manuscript. The books are printed in Great Britain on a short run basis for you and your loved ones. Take a look at some examples of Brilliant Autobiographies' life stories.

Manuscript: If you simply want the manuscript and not a book, I can provide this, together with a digital copy of the material.

Pictorial: This is perfect for people who have lots of photos dating back a long way but don't necessarily have enough words for a book. The story of you and your family can be told via the photos, with explanatory captions.

Memory Maps: This is a stunning, eye-catching and unique way to present your life story, favourite memories or special occasions. Please visit the Memory Map page for all the information about personal commissions and local histories. For details and to order a History of Torquay United Memory Map, please visit the page by clicking onto the link. Or get in touch with me.

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